San Lorenzo, CA
Summer 2006
Issue 40

Sewer Lateral Responsibility

Under Ordinance No. 35, Oro Loma is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the sewer main, which usually runs down the middle of the street. Property owners in the District are responsible for the lateral, the pipe that runs from the building to the main. Often, this pipe extends beyond the property line and into the street. Property owners are responsible for the entire length of the pipe, up to and including the lateral's connection to the sewer main.
The District is not responsible for the building lateral, but it does have inspection jurisdiction in all new installations, repairs, or replacements of the building sewers or laterals. Property owners must obtain a sewer permit from the District prior to start of any work. The permit fee is $25.00 and the inspection charge is $200.00 per structure or connection. The permit fees and charges are waived for customers retrofitting their lateral with a backwater prevention system.
If the lateral or its connections are broken or collapsed, the line must be repaired or replaced. For information on obtaining a permit or on maintaining a building lateral, call (510) 276-4700, Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 5:00 pm